We Like To Litigate. We’re Good At It And It’s What We Do.

Woolsey Morcom does things differently. We are a firm that likes to litigate cases. It’s who we are and what we have been trained to do.

We are not one of those firms that signs clients in hopes of doing just enough to settle the case.

Our attorneys have gained experience as former Assistant State Prosecutors, Military Judge Advocates, and state and federal criminal defense attorneys.

We have litigated on behalf of some of Florida’s best-known companies and have worked at some of the largest and most prestigious firms in Northeast Florida and beyond.

Our philosophy is that every case needs to be prepped as if it’s going to trial.

Make no mistake: insurance adjusters and defense attorneys know which firms actually try cases and which ones don’t. When the other side knows you aren’t scared of the inside of a courtroom, you get the maximum settlement.

While this approach is time-consuming on the attorney, it has allowed us to build up significant knowledge in our respective practices. From auto accidents, to family law, to construction defects, to property damage… we have spent countless hours learning the law and how to best apply it to win on behalf of our clients.

It is our hope that this blog space will provide some useful insights for all those who have questions about legal issues they face. Our attorneys are here to help and love nothing more than taking the time to talk someone through a difficult legal situation.

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