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We prioritize quality over quantity, selecting cases carefully to deliver exceptional outcomes

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At Woolsey Morcom, we blend the advantages of a large law firm with the personalized service of a smaller practice. Our selective approach ensures optimal results for our clients, as our attorneys are fully prepared for every case, treating each as if it’s bound for trial.

At Woolsey Morcom, we are committed to protecting your rights and holding insurance companies accountable. We will meticulously analyze your policy, investigate your claim, and aggressively negotiate on your behalf to obtain the maximum recovery possible.

We understand personal injury and wrongful death claims are highly stressful and emotional and the compensation you receive will have a direct impact on your family’s future.  You need to be able to trust you have the right lawyers who can lift the burdens and stress off your shoulders and fight for the right recovery.

Our compassionate attorneys strive to be thoughtful during a family breakdown in order to help minimize the disruption while achieving a quick and fair resolution. 
We are also the lawyers for you if aggressive litigation is required.

We offer a free claim evaluation with no strings attached. At Woolsey Morcom we represent insurance policy holders who have been denied, delayed or underpaid on their insurance claims. Don’t let your insurance claim be denied or underpaid. Our experienced team of property damage attorneys are here for you.

Unwavering diligence across every facet of litigation is imperative, leaving no room for alternative perspectives. Our Attorneys exhibit exceptional synergy with in-house counsel across diverse public and private enterprises. Proficient in navigating depositions, hearings, trials, and appellate proceedings across various jurisdictions.

Take action now by reaching out to us. Our adept attorneys specialize in defending clients across misdemeanor to high-level felony cases in state and federal courts.
Your future matters to us—we’re committed to safeguarding your freedom and helping you steer clear of the repercussions of convictions.

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Our selective approach ensures the highest standards of representation, with our attorneys fully invested in understanding each client and preparing for every case with trial readiness.



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We Help Solve Your Legal Issues

Woolsey Morcom is uniquely positioned to provide you with the excellence associated with a large law firm, higher end outcomes, and the litigation skills of long-time trial lawyers. Our team prides itself in offering unparalleled client service and is committed to helping you reach the ultimate and justified legal outcome.

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