How Much Does An Attorney Charge to Handle Your Denied Property Damage or Roofing Claim? The Answer Might Surprise you.

Nearly everyone has heard the phrase “you don’t pay unless we win.” When it comes to personal injury cases–like auto accidents–most people are familiar with the idea that generally an attorney is paid out of a portion of the amount recovered in the lawsuit. This is extremely beneficial as an injured party may not have the money to pay an attorney upfront.

However, when it comes to damage to your home and roof, many Floridians are unaware that Florida Statute provides that your homeowners insurance company is responsible for paying your legal fees when they deny or underpay a claim.

Imagine this scenario. After a terrible thunderstorm, you notice water stains on your ceiling. You call a roofing company to come out and see if there are any issues with your roof. Upon inspection, significant storm-created damage is observed to the roofing structure that has allowed water to enter into your home. Due to the extent of the damage, you learn that your home needs a new roof. You think to yourself, “good thing I have insurance.” However, when you go to report the damage, you are told by the insurance company that unfortunately only incidental repairs are covered. Or worse, that this type of damage is not covered under your policy.

You know you need a lawyer, but you worry about the cost of obtaining legal counsel. What should you do?

Fortunately, Florida Statute 627.428 protects policyholders from wrongfully denied and underpaid insurance claims. The law requires that the insurance company must pay your attorney’s fees and costs if a court finds that your insurance company wrongfully denied or underpaid your property damage insurance claim.

This statute protects policyholders from insurers who don’t act in good faith by leveling the playing field. The insurance company can afford to hire a lawyer and Florida law ensures that you can too.

That means that you can acquire the legal counsel you need to get the benefits you deserve under the policy without any cost to you. Additionally, because Florida statute provides that attorney fees are to be paid by the insurance company, no amount of your settlement goes towards paying legal bills. That means 100% of the proceeds can go to fixing your home.

If your property damage or roofing claim was denied or undervalued, our experienced attorneys know how to ensure you are properly compensated for the full value of your loss. 

Call us today at (904) 638-4235 for a free consultation regarding your home’s damage. You have paid your premiums and are entitled to have your claim covered.  

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