Hurricane Ian Assistance

Hurricane Ian has absolutely devastated Florida. We are still grappling with the extent of the damage, which has been estimated to be billions of dollars. Countless Floridians have seen their homes and business reduced to rubble as a result of the wind and storm surge.

Seeing your home lost or severely damaged is one of the most difficult hardships you and your family can face. What often makes matters worse is that your homeowners insurance which you thought was intended to pay for this very thing, is now telling you that some or all of your damage is not covered. You are left wondering how are you going to rebuild after the storm.

Let us help.

Our attorneys at Woolsey Morcom have worked for some of Florida’s largest insurance companies and are now uniquely positioned to advocate for policyholders like you. We know how to stop the tactics that the insurance companies use to deny, delay, and underpay claims. And we know how to use Florida law to hold them accountable and get them to pay what you are entitled to.

Importantly, our attorneys take these cases on a contingency basis, meaning there is no cost to the homeowner. Further, Florida law often requires the insurance company to pay a policyholders legal fees when they prevail, which means you get your full settlement.

Remember this. The insurance companies have teams of lawyers who review these claims. You should have one as well.

Call one of our attorneys today to discuss your property damage claim. We are open 24/7 to help Florida policyholders like you. (888) -9-STORMLAW

You paid the premiums and you deserve to be treated fairly by your insurance company. Let us provide you with the peace of mind that your insurance claim is now being handled by a professional.

P.S. during this difficult time, our attorneys are providing free assistance to review your insurance claim and insurance policy. Please visit to learn more.

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